Psychotherapy in English

Psychotherapy in English

We offer psychotherapy in English both for individuals and for couples.

dr Anna Janik-Antoniewicz, psychoterapeuta Kraków

Anna Janik-Antoniewicz, Ph.D.

Psychotherapist certified by the European Association for Psychotherapy. Completed the 4-year professional training in psychotherapy in the Polish Institute for Integrative Psychotherapy in Krakow and many other trainings in psychotherapy and clinical diagnosis.

Integrative systemic psychotherapist, in her work combines various psychotherapy methods (mainly psychodynamic, cognitive, Gestalt, existential, systemic, process-oriented, bodywork and breathwork) in order to comply with various patients' needs. Since 2010 she has been gaining experience in her clinical practice with foreigners living in Poland, in particular learning about specific problems of persons living abroad.

She received her academic education in science: master's degree and Ph. D. at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. She has experience in psychotherapeutic practice as well as in teaching, gained at the Polish Institute for Integrative Psychotherapy, where she has been a psychotherapists' team member in 2008-2015 and a teacher since 2010.

Member of the Polish Federation for Psychotherapy (PFP). Founder and head of the Centrum Psychoterapii Łobzów / Łobzów Psychotherapy Center.


Rules of psychotherapy

  1. Consultations and psychotherapy sessions take place only after former scheduling.
  2. In order to schedule a session, the chosen therapist should be contacted.
  3. Individual consultation and psychotherapy session duration: ca 50 minutes; cost: 120 zł;
    couple/family consultation or psychotherapy session duration: ca 100 minutes; cost: 250zł.
  4. In justified cases temporary price reduction is possible.
    Each psychotherapist is obliged to inform his/her present patients about planned increase in price at least 6 weeks in advance.
  5. In case of being late, the session is not prolonged. The cost is the same as for the whole session.
  6. In order to cancel or postpone a scheduled session, the psychotherapist is to be informed at least 24 hours before the date of the session. Otherwise, the session should be paid for (in some justified cases the psychotherapist may decide otherwise).
  7. Psychotherapy sessions usually take place once a week.
  8. The duration of psychotherapy may vary from a few weeks up to a few years, depending on the reported problem. Usually it takes a couple of months.
  9. The psychotherapist informs in advance about longer breaks in work (e.g. holidays). For the period of the break, another psychotherapist can be offered to a patient as a replacement.
  10. The psychotherapist is bound by the principle of professional secrecy, which considers both the content of psychotherapy and information obtained from the patient, as well as the very fact of attending psychotherapy. The exception is any life or health threatening situation or other situations defined by law. During consultation with another specialist treating the patient (eg. psychiatrist), the psychotherapist gives only necessary information, and the patient is informed.
  11. Psychotherapists working at the Centre regularly supervise their practice, inter-vising at clinical meetings of the Centre team, as well as with an external supervisor. During supervision, they are obliged to efficiently care for the patients' anonymity. All participants of the supervision (other psychotherapists and supervisors) are also obliged to keep the secrecy regarding each patient having been supervised.
  12. Sometimes the psychotherapist needs to record a session or its part (for research or supervision). In such case the patient is always asked for permission in writing, which he/she may cancel anytime.
  13. Psychotherapists working at the Centre are members of professional organisations and they work according to the codes of ethics of these organisations.